A Cat’s Winter

While winter may be weeks old, the first real snowfall of several inches here in Maryland was yesterday.  With the pristine white carpet, it really makes one feel like a wonderland is here for all, including four legged friends.

Galaxy, the cat, has spent plenty of time staring out the window as the flakes fell and at the quiet new terrain.  He has no fear of prancing through the white stuff.

Galaxy exploring.

For some indoor exercise, he used a small Christmas tree ornament yet to be put away as a miniature volley ball.  He played with it by himself and managed to keep it aloft – probably with some aid from the string still holding it to the branch.  He won?


Introvert Descending

World Introvert Day was at the start of this month  The day is generally designed for introverts to recharge after dealing with family and friends over the December holiday season.  Of course thanks to twitter and the internet, everyday is a holiday dedicated to something.

I admit I’ve long considered myself an introvert and feel it is no way any type of a critical word.  In fact ages ago when laboring at a crazy college course (suitable for the type of college I was attending)  designed to ‘know yourself better’, it included an introvert/extrovert quiz.  The results were presented by a graph with a dark line down the center and twenty or so dots descending down the line on either side.  The dots each represented students – all of which were close on either side of the thick center line save one way out in introvert territory.  That was I.

Introversion is but one of many harmless personal labels, not a sign of craziness nor a contagious condition.  I’m pretty familiar with chronic health conditions from my existence with multiple sclerosis.  Introversion simply means a preference for alone time.  It can be enjoyed reading a book or relaxing.

How did I spend World Introvert Day?  I’m not sure, but I’m pretty sure I was alone or wishing I were.

Outside with David Bowie

January is an important month concerning David Bowie.

On January 8th 1947 he was born.  On January 10th 2016 he died.  In between there was a lot of great art, some stunningly cool acting performances, and quite a few superb albums from the chameleon-like rock star.

I haven’t seen all of his films, but at the top of my list include The Man Who Fell to Earth and The Hunger.  The first film was directed by Nicholas Roeg and starred Bowie as the title alien who comes to Earth in search of water.  He’s seduced by society’s offerings, such as television, which finds Bowie seated in front of myriad screens and finally shouting aloud, “Get out of my mind.”  In The Hunger from director Tony Scott, Bowie plays a vampire type involved with fellow supernatural creature, Catherine Deneuve.  Alas, her mates are not necessarily long lived and after Bowie’s demise, she has her eyes on Susan Sarandon.

Of course David Bowie was involved in a number of films for which he was responsible for music and/or title songs.  Cool World falls into this category, and I find the song far more memorable and inspired then the film, which stars Gabriel Byrne plus boasts a plethora of animation.  Cat People is a blood filled remake of a black and white psychological horror picture.  The intense performance by Malcolm McDowell is as memorable as Bowie’s title tune which features favorite phrase of mine ‘putting out fire with gasoline.’

But Bowie is best known for his musical output.  He became famous for donning the guise of maverick intergalactic rocker Ziggy Stardust.  That famous album was fully titled Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.  It was but the first of many characters he would create and portray throughout his long and influential career.  It was also but a part of Bowie’s fascination and creation of science fiction tableaus.

Another can be seen with Outside.  While it is not one of Bowie’s more famous albums, it is my favorite.  Taking place in a mysterious future time when murder can be seen as an artistic expression crime, the songs can be dark and enigmatic.  But then so can its creator.  Overall, I find the album quite memorable and engaging.

2019 Activities So Far

2019 has barely started, yet I’m continuing with a few plans that have been on my mind.

I’ve been working on a new book from Rowanvale books entitled Stranger Thoughts.  It is a mix of oddities including short horror stories, odd poetry, and a humorous history of dating  which features my own awkward efforts at it.  My previous book from Rowanvale called Certain Shadows I Have Known tells of a hitman employed as a supernatural specialist by a superstitious and vicious mob boss.  It can be found at amazon.  Just type the title and my name, W. P. Rigler, under books.  Or it may be bought direct from Rowanvale.



I am planning on having copies of Certain Shadows I Have Known at the Gotta Have It 2 Collector’s Con.  The event is at The Clarion Hotel on 76 Industrial Highway in Essington PA on January 27TH.  I also plan to have a few other things there at my table, possibly including cbd oil.

For months I’ve been using cbd oil.  It seems to be helping with my health situation some.  CBD oil comes in several forms, of which I am happy to sell.


Hope to see you there.  Have a happy 2019 and happy reading.

Winter Cleaning

It may be 2019 but lately I took a trip back to when batteries ruled and digital was but a dream.

For me spring house cleaning became winter house cleaning.  I’m either really early or late. Of course Galaxy the cat has been a great help –  his peeing on my old stuff is a clear indication of what should be disposed of at last once sorted.  After my recent bout with health problems and other disruptions I’ve finally been getting old convention memorabilia, books, clothes, etc. seen to.  A few old clothes I found surprisingly I’ve no memory of, yet ones which are too small or shabby for me I recall.

Remember an age before the online revolution and the crowning as king of amazon?  Remember printed catalogs?  I found two old ones – one for an old computers catalog boasting great deals on VHS tapes as well as other prime electronics I suppose to be equally outdated and an old Bas Bleu catalog for fall 2004.  I had kept the later as it featured a cool scarecrow cover.  I also found an old copy of Writer’s Digest predicting trends for the far off year 2000.

I found a plethora of old audio cassettes and some players which surprisingly still work after last being used a decade or so ago – perhaps in ye last millennium.  Of course the batteries in them were deceased, but when replaced the music was heard again.  I used in one player batteries which I had for sometime and in the other new batteries bought Saturday with a Dollar General coupon for five free dollars when used with another purchase.   Thus at my first solo shopping excursion after my summer hospital stays,  I was happy to get new batteries and Galaxy’s preferred cat food.


I really missed listening to the music of the ancient audio cassettes which included Warren Zevon, The Monkees, Roxy Music and David Bowie.  Bowie is an artist who I’ve long been a fan of. I have his music on vinyl, audio cassettes, CDs, and now digital.  It’s been some time since I’ve listened to his classic album, Black Tie White Noise, which I have as a cassette.   Maybe its appropriate that I write this on January eighth, the anniversary of Bowie’s birth.

And a result of my recent cleaning aside from order?  My picks for favorite monkey song.

The Beatles – Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except for Me and My Monkey

Warren Zevon – Leave My Monkey Alone

Peter Gabriel – Shock the Monkey



The Next Veil (1) Entry

Ending the year with the start of a new story or possibly novel.  Opinions?  Reactions?  Where it will end I do not know yet…


The day’s cold assaulted him with snow.

He  took a deep breath as he straightened upright upon escape from the car’s driver’s seat before reaching beneath his jacket.  One hand wiped his wet brown hair from his tired blue eyes while the other fished free a gun from its holster.  He toyed with the idea of placing the barrel to his forehead.  He’d done it before.  The idea withered away and died as he chose instead to stare down at the ice of the frozen river.

Whether minutes or hours had passed was unknown to him.  All he was sure of or could be aware of was a very tall female with long black hair and hazel eyes calling out, “Tom.”

He could not be certain if the name belonged to him or another.

The woman repeated her shout, which did nothing to clear the confused mud from his mind.  He just stood shivering in the snow, his gun now pointed at the female as he considered the mysterious intruder.  She was dressed entirely in grey – jacket, tights, and hip high boots.  A green headband was stylishly placed over her narrow hazel eyes.  Her breath escaped her lips in a chilled puff as she called out the name a third time.

This time he replied with a bullet.

Blood streamed from her chest wound and a surprised look was etched on her face as she fell.  Her limp body landed on the ice strewn ground and was quickly claimed by snow.

He gave the gun’s bullet chamber a spin before lifting the weapon and placing the barrel to his forehead.  Closing his eyes, he pressed the trigger.


Music roared its echo within his ears as he was awakened to see colorful lights flashing.  Groggy but less confused, he lifted his head from the table’s sticky surface and picked up the glass sitting before him.  He shifted the glass and stared at its shifting contents.  A quick sniff of the clear drink assured him it was whisky with the addition of ice cubes that clattered as they hit the sides.  He took a big gulp of the liquid and let his vision flow across the crowded dark room to one of the twin stages.  Stirring himself awake, he reached beneath his tan jacket into a pocket and felt the gun there.

The stage was taken by an amazonian dancer wearing a skimpy green outfit that hid little of her shapely body.  Her hips wiggled in time to the song as she sauntered center stage.  She had hazel eyes which sparkled in the flashing lights and long strands of black hair flowing over her bare shoulders to the midsection of her back.  As she began to swing her hips, he rose and pulled forth his gun while approaching the stage.

There was a surprised look on her face at the sight of him.  A stare of recognition and horror quickly replaced the look on her thin face of sharp features.  Her lips twisted to form a scream, which was drowned out by the music and then by the repeated discharge from his gun.

It was the first time the guys at the club had fled the stage so quickly, and the action was accompanied by screams from others assembled in the club who joined the stampede from the stage area as well as the shooter.

He  halted at the stage.  There was no need to climb up and check the bloody body for a pulse.  As others shouted and scrambled about the dark room, he spun the weapon’s chamber and raised the gun to his head.  He closed his eyes and pulled the trigger.

Once again, quiet darkness enshrouded him only to be soon replaced.



© 2018 W.P. Rigler





Lessons Learned for a New Year?

With the imminent arrival of 2019, what better time is there to re-examine one’s approach to life’s matters?

First I must accept that despite my preference for ancient ways, society has upgraded to exciting new technologies used on a regular basis.

Finally I’ve realized that when I call someone on their phone, they generally are using a cell phone or other new fangled communication device so they know the number calling and generally know its me without any telepathic explanation needed.  Yet I usually introduce myself by name even to familiar voices which is really not needed.  With the exception of my family, few still use the old time phone hooked into the wall.  At least my relatives no longer need to climb the telephone pole and speak atop there.

While I am also drawn to such ancient entertainment forms of my youth like paperback books and VHS tapes.  In ye old days I just popped in a tape and watched a movie.  Now most movies boast a wide range of extras including commentaries and making ofs.  Sometimes such additions prove longer then the original movie.  I admit that I’ve always liked short documentaries and such about the feature film.  I’ve even started to enjoy commentaries.  Usually its the thoughts of the director or stars I find most appealing.  The first commentary I watched and really liked was by director John Boorman’s for his film Zardoz.  Remember that one?  It’s a sci-fi/fantasy thriller of a ravaged future starring Sean Connery.

As far as dating – it’s better for my health and otherwise that I don’t.  For further explanations of this, feel free to examine previous blogs.