The Imagined Game

The name is no game

and never the same.

Forget future wrath

the past is the path.

Ignore all the shame

for who is to blame?

Only ghosts dwell where

you search without care.

Adjust your mind’s eye

where there is no cry.

Questions are not feed

for birds without heed.

Your truth is unknown

even when shown.

Enchanting Encounters

With all currently happening with me, depression once more rears its unhappy head.

After all, I am dealing with the effects of an ongoing pandemic, hopefully the demise of Trump’s feeble political aspiration, lack of female contact, health problems, and am trapped in a house with my family. I can and am of course grateful to have a house to be in. The MS question keeps me tired. At least I was recently able to get much sleep in a house dominated by noise and the constant TV playing by mother.

Therefore my mind moves back to past memories for happiness. One instant which I often have to smile about as I recall it was a warm December night. As I walked down a sidewalk in Baltimore’s Fell’s Point area I was passed by a car with its top down. Inside sat 3 Santa’s, the one in the back was beside the auto’s lone elf and had his arm around the fellow. As I continued my walk to my car, I had to smile.

Summer Interlude

Beneath summer’s sun clothes are abandoned.

My hungry eyes feast on your nude body

and await the magic of fingers’ touch.

For us it is a most private party

decorated with smiles and shallow sighs,

for us alone till it ends most hearty.

by W. P. Rigler

I hope you enjoy this latest romantic poem of mine dedicated to the season of summer and abundance.

Magically Delicious

I recently decided to try Lucky Charms as my breakfast cereal. I had heard the jingle and seen the cartoon ads, principally as I hungrily devoured Saturday morning cartoons. While the color within the box appealed to me, the idea of flavored marshmallow snacks within my cereal didn’t. After one try the taste didn’t appeal to me and the cereal was certainly branded as unnecessary by my parents.

Recently I saw a large box of it listed on Amazon. It wasn’t expensive, a good deal that I figured was worth it no matter how long I’d be consuming it. But now it is gone and I find myself hooked. Perhaps those flashy, jingle ridden cereals were not really meant for children but older consumers ready to regain what they can of youth. With tasty adornment.

Tune in soon for another message break.

Story Choices

I have long been a reader and made no secret of my favor for science fiction and fantasy work, both for reading and writing. As far as arithmetic you are on your own.

I recently discovered the wide realm of ebay on the internet. So far, I’ve mainly bought used books there, utilizing its copious good will charities, which provide free shipping and I assume a necessary helpful hand. So what is not to feel good about?

The recent addition of books has rekindled a love of reading. Below are listed five favorite works worthy of reading.

  1. The Hobbit J.R.R. Tolkein – Aimed at younger readers, this classic fantasy of Bilbo Baggins’ quest through the mysteriously magical middle-earth finds the ambitious hobbit faced with a wicked ring of power as his quest is aided by the mage Gandalf and others. The excitement was continued with The Fellowship of the Rings and was recently brought to celluloid life in films which included actor Ian McKellan.
  2. A Christmas Carol Charles Dickens – Mixing fantasy with a strong dose of horror, the immortal tale of Ebenezer Scrooge’s redemption has been acted out in theater, film, and on TV with both real life actors and animation. A holiday tradition.
  3. The Martian Chronicles Ray Bradbury – The sci-fi exploration of the mythical planet is a classic, presenting the dreams as well as shortcomings of intergalactic settlers. A classic mini-series of the tale was brought to life in 1980.
  4. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Philip K. Dick -The sci-fi master’s meditation on reality draws on hidden truths behind robotic life, world war, and garbage accumulation. The inspiration for the Harrison Ford film Bladerunner.
  5. Dr. No Ian Fleming – Actually all of the Bond novels deliver the author’s trademark action. There are notable differences from the film series began in the 60’s and continue with an ever changing cast of leading men.