Trick Or Treating’s Ballad

Ghost sheets ironed without wrinkle

as a haunted house lights twinkle.

Black cats prowl the night for food

while a wizard is most rude.

Autumn’s chilled breeze blows

and slices through all yet out.

All monsters gather to sing,

“Halloween will soon be here.”

Alpaca Adventure

I recently held a happy hour event hosted by barn of Happy the Alpaca.

Emerald green leaves swayed in the breeze of a brisk September eve above a verdant lawn of the current 60 acre farm owned by Pam Purce’s family. Happy the alpaca is but one of the farm’s fifty current inhabitants of animals, many of which are rescues. Pam has always held a love of animals and education, resulting in activities for schools and events such as this. Her alter ego, if such a term can be appropriately described for her, is Farmer Pam for a zoom broadcast via facebook.

She is now an author with the publication of her children’s book featuring Happy. I was lucky to receive it and another alpaca offering for renting the place for a relaxing happy hour. It was an experience I would recommend.

Previously, Purce performed the duties of a Harford County public school teacher. She is often aided by her husband Ken. Together, they own the farm.

Currently, the farm features many high end items for sale, including garments fashioned from the famously popular alpaca fur. There are also items such as ornaments and my presents. Items can be found at

The Masters Arrive

My new book entitled Masters of the Alpha Crystals is approaching its official release date of June 30th, 2020 from Rowanvale Books and can be ordered now.  It is available as a paperback as I have always preferred paper to screens for reading.  

The story tells of the future when after an attack Earth finds itself at war with an alien race seemingly responsible for bringing devastation to the planet.  Several heroes lead an exploration into space where they contact alien beings and find all is not as expected.

Being predominantly a science fiction entry, this work is a change of pace, which I hope you’ll enjoy.  I am at work on further projects in the horror genre, such as The Midnight Mansion.  The title structure is a place where time stands still and a young kidnap victim does not age.

Oh, I’ve had a change of pace with name as well.  The author name is listed as Adam Dust.  That’s me.  My shiny new pen name.  I hope you’ll hear more from Mr. Dust in the future.

Reading, Writing, but No Arithmetic

So 2020 has taken a distinctively literary turn for me.

Although perhaps unnoticed, my writing output continues.  This June I plan to release a sci-fi book from Rowanvale Books which should fit well in the library of my already available books – Certain Shadows I Have Known and Stranger Thoughts.  The former mixes fantasy and horror as it tells of a hit man’s paranormal problems while the later contains horror and humor in the form of short stories, poetry, and dating quizzes.

Of late I have been rummaging through some old books.  Many of them bought in the last millennium at yard sales and used bookstores.  Ah, the scent of aged paper.  Covers of unchained imagination in the era before sci-fi movies were blockbusters with CGI effects as a yearly occurrence.

I discovered paperbacks of a favorite writer – Ray Bradbury.  I had read many of his famous works, such as Fahrenheit 451 and The Martian Chronicles.  The later short story collection contains many favorite tales.  I always enjoyed Bradbury’s writing style and the mixture of fantasy and suspense present in his yarns.

My most recent discovery of his is a collection of short stories called The Machineries of Joy.  I think it is a favorite.  Perhaps because it is new for me.  Stories tell of a midget tattoo artist with an artistic obsession and the influence of inter-galactic exploration on  men of religion.

My books will once more seek out a market as I plan on appearing at several places in Maryland for signings on February 8th.  I will start the day at 11am at 10 S Queen Street in Rising Sun.  Then it will be off to Washington Street Books in Havre de Grace to take part in The Arts Walk from 2 until 6 pm.

Happy reading.

Elves Outnumber Customers

On Friday as an author I attended a book signing at Washington Street Books as part of Havre de Grace’s monthly First Friday event.  The festive December offering included a parade with visit from Santa.  If he had elves with him they were not seen in the book store.  And I suspect they might have been seen.

The turnout within the book store was dismal.  Perhaps bad weather threats were responsible?

While I intrigued some by book covers, I scored a lofty zero sales and I suspect five fellow authors fared little better.  Historical books seemed to garner much more interest then my suspense and sci-fi offerings.

I had better luck with Harford County’s Author an Artists Show in November.  A local July book signing event I madly instigated in Havre de Grace ended up offering but two authors of the imaginative sci-fi/horror genres.  However at least there were a few customers and meager sales.

Perhaps Havre de Grace just isn’t the place for such offerings – a fact I’ve always fearfully known.  I have always been disappointed by the town’s disinterest outside of catering to visitors via shops, eateries and lodgings.

Educational offerings?  I attended the area’s Harford Community College and was disappointed by what I considered a lack a creative courses.  At the time there were no theater, film, or journalism courses.  I did indulge myself with the school’s sole creative writing course.  You can blame its results now as you read this.

There was no such thing as a technological/computer presence.  Perhaps it was a result of the early 90’s time period?  My attempts at book promotions seem generally confined to social media via twitter, facebook, and wordpress.  None of these electronically ephemeral beasts do I really have and understanding of.  Perhaps the good luck of a charmed corn would serve me well?  Wish me luck if you will.