Beard Facts

william R

When I am asked how long I’ve had my beard, I generally reply, “Since the last millennium.”   I thought that was an easy response, but I generally get quizzical looks.

I suppose the whole millennium comment makes me seem ancient.

Mine is a 20th century beard.

I started growing it in the 1990’s.  There was that desire to look different from my high school self.  More adult?  Perhaps.  With the beard I at least found I was less likely to be bugged about showing id.  In fact recently at an event I attended no one at the entrance approached me to buy a ticket until I found a sales person.  Meanwhile a friend who attended was regularly asked if she had a wristband which she was wearing.

The beard is popular at fairie cons I have attended.  And animals seem to like the beard.  Donkeys I used to care for tended to enjoy giving it a tug, possibly thinking it was hay.  Recently I caught a very tiny spider on it, trying to hitch a ride I guess.

When I made it through a tough area without trouble, a friend suggests the beard as why.

At a horror convention I attended several years ago, I found myself alone on an elevator with a young boy who was staring at me.  Finally he asked, “How old are you?”  When I answered I was forty-something, his small mouth dropped open until he replied, “But you look so young – except for the beard.”


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