Written Works of W. P. Rigler

I have been writing for some time.  In school my meager tales managed to catch the attention of some fellow students.  I even remember one retrieving  a story abandoned in a trash can.  Things seldom change, eh?  Perhaps popularity has eluded me but I have produced a number of books available…somewhere.

The collection of W. P. Rigler books is mainly comprised of anthologies.  The first was created when I grew tired of rejection letters stating the story was well written and original.  The letter would then continue with reasons why it just wasn’t right for them.  Now you can judge for yourself.


SUMMONED SECRETS was my first anthology attempt.  Published at the start of 2012, its eighteen stories were born of such genres as suspense, horror, fantasy and science fiction.  My humble selections for best story offerings within include…

Bad for Business – An unscrupulous self proclaimed medicine man roaming the wild west meets an unfortunate fate when he is offered a wagon ride.

A Sin’s as Good as a Change – A police officer on an alien world investigates a murder which leads to an ancient plot.

Hot Times at the Horse Hoof Hotel – A mysterious stranger offers sisters at a run down desert hotel an offer that cannot be refused…at least one of them can’t.

The Whitechapel Wagers – A game of cards has sinister implications.

The Infinite Killer – When a man is disappointed in alternate realities can he kill himself?

Also included were twelve poems, reflecting my interest in the afterlife, fantasy, and just the bizarre in general.

MIDNIGHT WRITINGS from 2015 centered more on horror and suspense.


The stories included…

PROOF POSITIVE – A collector of items with horrific histories learns there might be more to his newest aquisition than meets the eye.

THE CUSTOMER – A bartender is quite fed up with a talkative client.  So much so that death might be the final statement.

BLOOD RITES – A man with a link to the Jack the Ripper murders is transformed into a vampire.  The short story version of my book Terror’s Taste.

For a change, this time I also threw a few articles into the mix.  They dealt with my monstrous mini-adventures in the world of filmmaking (in brief appearances I’ve portrayed both zombie and vampire – I preferred the later as there was no bloody makeup used plus I had a line!) and my time leading ghost tours in Havre de Grace.  Plus I reminisced some about my previous writings.  Seem familiar?

TERROR’S TASTE – Centers on plots to control the world dating back to ancient Atlantis.  One ritual includes the Jack the Ripper murders, and when a man involved with one of the murdered prostitutes is transformed into a vampire, a quest for bloody vengeance is unleashed.  There are more characters and subplots at work then in the short story version contained in Midnight Writings, but at around a hundred pages it is still a fast read.


CERTAIN SHADOWS I HAVE KNOWN – A hit man is dubbed a shadow stalker for his willingness to carry out a gangster’s supernatural contracts as prescribed.  The hit man doesn’t believe in the paranormal, but that changes after the surprising revelations of his last kill.  I am quite proud of the work, but at a hundred and twenty pages it is further proof that in both writing and reading matters I am a literary sprinter and not a literary marathon man.

Stranger Thoughts cover

STRANGER THOUGHTS – My newest work again combines short story and poetic offerings.  Short story offerings include…

Within the Water – A husband can’t get over his wife’s death at sea and experiences odd sightings in his new house’s pool.

Wicked Reign – A small western town is the threshold of a curse and monsters.

Buried Treasure – A pirate’s chest contains more then plunder, horror waits within.

Her Car – A murderer can’t seem to escape the judgement of his killed wife’s car.

Forbidden Visions – A writer’s study of a mysterious book involves a missing woman and a late mystic whose cult supposedly actively lingers on.

Plus Stranger Thoughts contains a section entitled The Ultimate Guide to Dating While Avoiding Supernatural Menaces which combines my true life dating experiences with a humorous history of dating.

Summoned Secrets and Midnight Writings by W. P. Rigler can by ordered via lulu.


Certain Shadows I Have Known by W. P. Rigler and Stranger Thoughts by W. P. Rigler can be ordered via Amazon or from their publisher Rowanvale Books.



Ready for Stranger Thoughts?

May 31 shall be a day that will live in infamy.

Well, hopefully not.

It is the release date of Stranger Thoughts.

Stranger Thoughts is my newest effort from Rowanvale Books.  It contains three sections.

The first part is The Horror Equations, which contains short stories such as Forbidden Visions in which a writer’s study of a mysterious book involves a missing woman and a late mystic whose cult supposedly actively lingers on.

The second part is The Lost Maps of Autumn Storms which contains poetry like Pink Elephants –

The circus music has started to play

and here comes a sight that’s strange for the day.

Pink elephants march all straight in a line

and lift up their trunks to reach for your wine.

Just give them their sips before you must go

to brew some coffee to end this strange show.

The third part is The Ultimate Guide to Dating While Avoiding Supernatural Menaces.  Included in this section are helpful quizzes in determining your intended’s true nature and a humorous look at the history of dating.  This section touches close to my heart due to my own, true dating horrors.

Be afraid, be very afraid.

Stranger Thoughts is now available for order from my publisher via https://www.rowanvalebooks.com/book/stranger-thoughts

or at Amazon


Lessons Learned for a New Year?

With the imminent arrival of 2019, what better time is there to re-examine one’s approach to life’s matters?

First I must accept that despite my preference for ancient ways, society has upgraded to exciting new technologies used on a regular basis.

Finally I’ve realized that when I call someone on their phone, they generally are using a cell phone or other new fangled communication device so they know the number calling and generally know its me without any telepathic explanation needed.  Yet I usually introduce myself by name even to familiar voices which is really not needed.  With the exception of my family, few still use the old time phone hooked into the wall.  At least my relatives no longer need to climb the telephone pole and speak atop there.

While I am also drawn to such ancient entertainment forms of my youth like paperback books and VHS tapes.  In ye old days I just popped in a tape and watched a movie.  Now most movies boast a wide range of extras including commentaries and making ofs.  Sometimes such additions prove longer then the original movie.  I admit that I’ve always liked short documentaries and such about the feature film.  I’ve even started to enjoy commentaries.  Usually its the thoughts of the director or stars I find most appealing.  The first commentary I watched and really liked was by director John Boorman’s for his film Zardoz.  Remember that one?  It’s a sci-fi/fantasy thriller of a ravaged future starring Sean Connery.

As far as dating – it’s better for my health and otherwise that I don’t.  For further explanations of this, feel free to examine previous blogs.

Farewell 2018

Are you ready for a new year?

I shan’t say that the passing of 2018 is cause for celebration, but it might be.

While cruel might be too strong a descriptive word for it, 2018 was far from my favorite year and ranks right up with 1989 as my least favorite of years.  1989 received that honor for being the year that my family thought community college was a good idea plus a money saver.  With that my dreams of success and glory faded away.

Back to 2018.

In 2018 I have physically felt my weakest with the honor of two hospital stays thanks to my chronic condition of multiple sclerosis. 2018 was also the year that my longtime feline companion Amos departed this world for heavenly pastures.  His departure had

Amos at rest.

been anticipated due to his diabetes diagnosis and problems with his kidneys.  It made the final farewell no less painful.  Of course in the arena of crazy current events, there’s Donald Trump’s regular antics on twitter and against anyone he deems deserving.

For me, this was also the year of unending social media conflict.  In order to promote my writing I tried to maintain an online presence via several accounts including facebook and twitter.  I found myself blocked by a facebook friend for unknown reasons.  At least on twitter, I think I understand some of the causes for blocking.  I encountered cool musician/actor Michael des Barres at a Chiller convention and followed him on twitter.  P1000949He kindly returned the favor, following me.  Back at the start of February when I wished several twitter followers a good month as well as to beware vicious valentines and savage groundhogs, he suggested I needed to find love.  Perhaps true.  When another twitter follower stated she had Valentines Day plans for her slave, he commented that he didn’t hold with slavery.  She replied she guessed that was fine as she wasn’t asking him to be her slave.  The next thing I knew, he blocked me.  She later did.  It all left me thinking, how did I start all this?

Luckily I avoided dating all together in 2018, since previous experiences resulted in my seeing a date’s former prison cell, having ice cream thrown on me and being set on fire.

Galaxy exploring.

2018 did boast a few positive turns.  I adopted as Amos’ successor a rescued cat called Galaxy.   In June of 2018 I attended Amazicon with my current book Certain Shadows I Have Known which is the tale of a hit man’s quest to deal with paranormal threats.  That book is available from Rowanvale Books which is to release my next book in 2019.  That book contains horror short stories, poetry and a humorous history/look at dating.

Myself and France Nuyen at Amazicon in June.

I did practically delete my once enormous beard.  I also actually finally gave up my five year old fliptop phone for one with which I could do much more.  While I went to fewer conventions and moved slower, I did savor the events I attended including Monster-mania and Faeriecon.

Robert Patrick and I at Monster-Mania.

Here’s to 2019 filled with happiness and success.


Life’s Oddities

With winter about to take hold here in Maryland U.S.A., I can’t help but think how nice it would be to have someone to cuddle with.  Of course when I reflect upon my dating history I realize that might not be a good idea.  As detailed in the dating section of my upcoming book, Stranger Thoughts, I have survived multiple dating hazards including fire.

Once in my youth I naively bought a ring for a girl to illustrate our going steady.  It didn’t last and being uneducated in the art of dating I inquired as to the ring’s return at our break up, to which she replied that she was keeping the ring.  Therefore the terms were that she’d keep the ring and I’d keep my sanity.  She got the better part of the deal.

Once when talking with a friend, she proved she knew me quite well.  When I told her the woman I went out with said something I found worthy of bringing the date to an end.  “What did she do?” was surprisingly asked knowing I had weathered a number of crazy dating incidents.  I replied we were talking about films. That was all that needed said.  My friend replied, “She didn’t like Malcolm McDowell.”  I nodded.  After all, how could I go on after that?  A woman to date comes and goes, while an acting legend is eternal.

Myself and Malcolm McDowell. Monster-Mania Sept 2017

New Book

I’m very pleased to say that paper work is complete on my next book for its release on May 31, 2019 from Rowanvale Books.  The book is titled Stranger Thoughts and I describe the book as containing cursed cars, holiday oddities and dating horrors.  The book has three parts  which feature pulse pounding terror tales, engaging poetry, and true dating horror stories with a satirical look at the history of dating.

My previous book, called Certain Shadows I Have Known, is also from Rowanvale Books.



It tells the simple tale of a hit man afflicted with paranormal perils as he tries to fulfill his newest contract which is to be fulfilled by the next full moon.

Seeking Sane, Creative Female

After a series on disappointing dates, I recently posed the question if there were any creative, sane single women in north eastern Maryland, where I live.  Friends inquired my definition of sane for the single female search.

I suppose sane is one of those words the language is afflicted with that is open to multiple meanings.  Well, in simplest terms, here’s the amount of sanity I was in search of…

  1.  Not given to unmotivated, unconventional actions.  I had a gal I was out on a date with during a lag in conversation flick the milk from her shake onto my shirt.  When I inquired the reason for her action, her reply was that she felt like it.  No more explanation was offered, leaving me to assume that were she in the vicinity of an axe and she felt like bringing it down on my head…well, you get the picture – I’d be a goner.
  2.  Aware of her own actions.  In my olde days of dating when drinking AND smoking were both popular activities at Baltimore bars, a gal unable to manage both activities got a little too close & woosh – my jacket was on fire..

I could go on with definitions, or dating dangers, but I suppose you get the idea.

So should I continue the search or just write a book of hazards encountered while dating?  The second option is probably safer.