Bad Ideas

Sometimes they are due to speed.

Sometimes they are just inevitable.

One such example are my own attempts at all aspects of writing and promoting my books.  Technology has never been a friend.  In fact my laptop of five years has decided to stop materializing the letter of many keys I strike.  Very frustrating.  Even if for the betterment of humanity.  The various odd perils of online dating in general is a topic I’ve tackled in previous blogs and a book.  But frustration is not limited to ye olde keyboard.

Recently I was frustrated by a new tube of toothpaste.  Upon opening, the thin plastic piece placed within to hold the toothpaste within had a small flap to it with which to tear open.  Thar piece promptly tore off with yielding entry to its contents.  I figured if the tube were pushed hard enough, its contents would be freed.  I attempted so. Alas, all my strength did was push the toothpaste out a small hole formed in the tube’s side. 

My unfortunate endeavour at strength reminds me of a favorite story.

I recall actor Richard Harris once discussing stopping for a drink in a truck whose delivery was due the next day.  By the time he departed the pub, the number of drinks enjoyed had multiplied.  He took a short cut and found a bridge posted to be several inches shorter then his truck.  He figured that if he got the truck up to a quick enough speed, the height problem might not matter.  Unfortunately at the chosen speed, about halfway through the bridge he heard a loud screeching sound.  Atop the truck he took the bridge’s roof with him.  Stopping the truck, he began to ponder his next move when a patrol car pulled up next to him and the officer asked what had happened.  Thinking as quick as possible, Harris replied “Well I was delivering this bridge…”


Have Yourself A Merry Little Whatever

It is the season of holidays.

Just past is Halloween.  Near is Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and most importantly my birthday.

While my birthday hasn’t been around  quite as long as those other holidays, I am old.  I can remember when a gloomy night of nothing to watch meant continual channel surfing with ye olde TV knob of less then twenty commercial filled channels.  I remember vinyl.  Now my music collection for favorite artists spans vinyl, audio cassettes, CDs and digital.

I was born on December 5th, a birthdate shared with Walt Disney and Fritz Lang.

I am not much for celebrating birthdays or any holidays. This year on the evening of December 6th from five until seven, I shall be joining in the authors signing at Washington Street Books on 131 N Washington Street in Havre de Grace, Maryland, as part of the small town’s First Friday event.  There will be plenty of shops celebrating, music, and a Christmas parade in honor of the upcoming season.

I’ll have four books with me available to sign and sell, including Certain Shadows I Have Known which is the tale of a hit man who takes assignments of a supernatural order.  But are they?  Eventually odd things begin to happen and he fears for his life.  Or at least his sanity.  This book is available online via publisher or at Amazon until month’s end.




Happy holidays and happy reading.



Heart Phantoms

Stranger Thoughts cover

Her spirit and eyes do not dim

I am subject to her dear whim

Such thoughts are not here to believe

Unless it is time to deceive.

©  2019 W. P. Rigler

My recent miniscule poetic attempt.  You can find further poetic endeavours, short stories, and humorous observations in my new book Stranger Thoughts, available at Amazon or direct from publisher

I’d like to ad available wherever quality books are sold but fear I cannot state so yet.  I must regard truth in advertising.

Choose your horror



It’s a scary place.

Order horrors there.

My suggested offerings include and

Experience them now.

Good luck, you are now returned to regularly scheduled blog.

Stranger Thoughts cover

Of Technology and Mythology

I’ve never been very adapt at utilizing new technology happily.

Scant years ago did I accept the arrival of DVDs and realize that the unconditional rule of VHS had faded from the realm.  Even the constant scientific updates in the landscape of music had evolved passed me by going from vinyl records, to audio tape, to CD, to digital.  (How I missed a devotion to 8 track I’ll never know.)  And of course the click clack of my ancient manual typewriter has been replaced by the computer or laptop.

Now as I write I can easily check spelling by opening another window of the internet and plugging away at my best spelling attempt of a word my computer insists is spelled wrong.  I am amazed by certain words that I have regularly learned are spelled differently then what I believed or would have guessed.  But then I’ve never really cared about spelling.  Of more interest to me is readers I might possibly reach.  According to wordpress my blog following may not be large but it reaches places on the globe I only became aware of thanks to the wordpress miniature global map of followers reading. Yes, I did just use the internet to learn that it would seem ‘miniature’ needs a second ‘i’ to officially be spelled correctly.

Twitter is an interesting way to express one’s opinion and see a global perspective.  Yet my number of followers constantly fluctuates in a manner past my understanding of certain followers I am aware of.  2,000 seems the magic number I am not to exceed or go far under.

Lately I have embraced the universe of online streaming.  I have encountered cool new offerings as well as rediscovering old favorites.  One such program is the Power of Myth which features journalist Bill Moyers and famed professor Joseph Campbell discussing prominent myth motifs. I chuckle as I fondly recall Joseph Campbell’s comparing the God of the old testament to the computer as both having a lot of rules and no mercy.

To Read or Not To Read

I’ve been reading a lot lately.  Writing some, but mostly reading.

I grew up a TV acolyte and struggled through reading assignments for school.  I think one reason for disinterest in reading was the challenge of being enveloped and transported away by the written page with little household quiet in which to concentrate.  TV was relatively quick and easy.  That changed during a health problem in my 20’s when I found it difficult to stay tuned to a set even with commercials.  This was in ye olde days before such conveniences as streaming when viewing programs or movies was confined to the hours anointed by TV channels and plagued by numerous commercial interruptions.  It was then I answered the magnificent call of books.

Due to recent problems I had difficulty concentrating so my reading swooned.  But with some relaxation my reading appetite returned.  My book reading average returned to about a book a month.  I found some old books I had acquired from yard sales and library book sales in the last millennium .  I started reading and then I came to it.  A book hailed as a fantasy classic.  The Sword of Shannara by Terry Brooks.   It had a cool cover depiction of its characters.  It also had a little over 700 pages.   I have managed to read half of it.  It really reminds me of J. R . R. Tolkien’s work, both in content and length.

Now I have come to the realization that in literary regards I am a sprinter.  I prefer to read short work.  Even my writing attempts have been short efforts.  One is a tale of a hitman tackling supernatural cases while the other is a compilation including horror stories, humor, and poetry.  Both hover at 200 pages.  Each can be bought at Amazon or via publisher.  Please do.

Enter Stranger Thoughts

Have you yet…

Encountered eerie strangers as well as missing people from your past?

Entered a cursed town whose inhabitants fear the rain and monsters?

Dug up a buried treasure and found a hideous horror?

Been driven by a bedevilled car?

Swum in a haunted pool?


Well it happens in the stories of Stranger Thoughts.  Plus poetry and humor with The Ultimate Guide to Dating While Avoiding Supernatural Menaces.  Order and explore.