Have Yourself A Merry Little Whatever

It is the season of holidays.

Just past is Halloween.  Near is Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and most importantly my birthday.

While my birthday hasn’t been around  quite as long as those other holidays, I am old.  I can remember when a gloomy night of nothing to watch meant continual channel surfing with ye olde TV knob of less then twenty commercial filled channels.  I remember vinyl.  Now my music collection for favorite artists spans vinyl, audio cassettes, CDs and digital.

I was born on December 5th, a birthdate shared with Walt Disney and Fritz Lang.

I am not much for celebrating birthdays or any holidays. This year on the evening of December 6th from five until seven, I shall be joining in the authors signing at Washington Street Books on 131 N Washington Street in Havre de Grace, Maryland, as part of the small town’s First Friday event.  There will be plenty of shops celebrating, music, and a Christmas parade in honor of the upcoming season.

I’ll have four books with me available to sign and sell, including Certain Shadows I Have Known which is the tale of a hit man who takes assignments of a supernatural order.  But are they?  Eventually odd things begin to happen and he fears for his life.  Or at least his sanity.  This book is available online via publisher or at Amazon until month’s end.







Happy holidays and happy reading.



Cover Attraction

It has been said you can’t judge a book by its cover.

That’s the first thing you see. And vital for sales whether the product be a book, movie, or something else.  And of course sales are all powerful.  Covers can take on the genre of horror, science fiction, mystery, or more.

In my youth before the days of amassing one’s own film collection, I was attracted to used books found at library or yard sales.  The colorful covers depicting strange worlds or bizarre creatures were as exciting as the action sometimes featured on them.  The creased covers added to the character of the books.  The scent of the paper on which the books were printed was intoxicating.  Coins could purchase these old writings.  Even new books in the early part of the last century.  Conventions are a great place to find many types of collectibles including books, new or old.

Next weekend I am appearing with my own books at Amazicon in Essington PA near Philadelphia.  The books are for sale at either ten or fifteen dollars each which include an autograph.  My books can also be ordered online as stated in previous blogs.  The gamut of books include fantasy, suspense, horror, and even humor.


Selecting covers were not the easiest missions.  Books which I produced myself called on me to be editor as well as writer.  Those offerings http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/wrigler had me call upon artistic friends for photographic aid with covers.  I was very pleased to have Linnea Tober as photographer for Summoned Secrets while Rio LaCour and Michelle Murphy acted as models.  Plus the later provided costuming.  Midnight Writings was simply a collection of macabre stories plus musings on local ghosts and my monstrous extra roles in local low budget films.  A photograph by friend Sherry Billings of the moon in the night sky provided a suitably eerie backdrop.

32aeb-midnightwritings     Years ago I produced a book which dealt with the Jack the Ripper slayings, ancient Atlantis, and the end of the world as an ages old sacrifice was attempted to be carried out.

More recently I have produced books via Rowanvale Books in Cardiff, Whales.  Are my writing ideas and techniques too big for one country?  I toyed with the idea of werewolves and other magical terrors in my novella Certain Shadows I Have Known. Shadows_Final_20.09.17 The cover hints at the werewolf menace found within, although I  didn’t want to give too much away.  https://www.rowanvalebooks.com/book/certain-shadows-i-have-known


Stranger Thoughts is a collection of my stories, poetry, and The Ultimate Guide to Dating While Avoiding Supernatural Menaces.  I am on familiar ground with the terror of dating. Currently both of these titles can be found at Amazon.  But act quick, tomorrow is not assured.  But be assured that I will be at Amazicon.  Hope to see you there, and that you’ll enjoy one of my books.  To say all might be pushing it.

Stranger Thoughts cover

Good luck book collecting, of whatever type you prefer.

See a book, buy a book!

The simplicity of the above statement is not a line for a new children’s book, but brought to you by my imagination as preparation for the book signing I’ll be attending Saturday July 13th from noon until 4pm in Havre de Grace at the Spencer Silver Mansion at  200 Union Avenue.

The building, like much of the town, has a history of ghosts.

Another Havre de Grace house noted for its haunted history is the Senecca House.   Dr. Frank Wolbert lived there and on August 15, 1967 died there.  He was supposedly found strangled with his head bashed in after an evening spent with an AWOL marine who stole his car.  Facts about the doctor’s life are vague and mysterious, with even some stories claiming that the eccentric doctor kept a collection of shrunken heads and an alligator in his basement.  The Senecca house is currently home to doctor offices whose employees supposedly often deal with objects disappearing or being discovered in odd places.  When such things happen it is suggested that ‘Frankie’ (AKA Wolbert’s ghost) is to blame.

Picture taken of the Senecca House during a tour I guided years ago. Notice anything odd about the picture of the old empty house?

Other Havre de Grace tales of murder include the end met by a cab driver on the Havre de Grace back road once referred to as Lover’s Lane.  Plus the town’s ample population of inns often plays host to ghost.

I will be at the Spencer Silver to sign and sell copies of my book Midnight Writings.  Written while I led ghost tours for a local Havre de Grace group, one chapter revolves around regional ghost stories I’ve learned.  Other offerings include fictional tales I devised, such as Recipe For Writing about an author’s quest to achieve good stories and Proof Positive about a collector of items used by murderers whose evil powers may still  hold sway.

xfairiecon necklace
Writer W. P. Rigler’s books of science fiction, fantasy, and horror include Midnight Writings and Stranger Thoughts.

I’ll also have copies of Certain Shadows I Have Known and my newest effort – Stranger Thoughts.  Stranger Thoughts explores the blurred line between horror and humor with sections of fiction, poetry, and quizzes as well as my frightening dating experiences.  Quizzes included allow the reader the identify what supernatural entity they might be dating.

Joseph Farley whose numerous writings include his newest novel Labor Day, a tale of a strange new world and its stranger citizens.


Other writers to be in attendance with their books include Labor Day writer Joseph Farley and children’s writer Patrick O’Donnell of Do Dinosaurs Have Dentists?.

Writer Patrick O’Donnell, author of the children’s book ‘Do Dinosaurs Have Dentists?’.

Author Signing Approaches

A month from now it will all be over  A part of the past.  A memory.  Hopefully a good memory.

July 13th there is to be an authors’ signing at the Spencer-Silver at 200 South Union Avenue in Havre de Grace, Maryland.  I will be in attendance with my books, as will children’s book writer Patrick O’Donnell and the imaginative author Joseph Farley whose diverse work includes the futuristic strangeness of Labor Day.image1

Writers will have copies of their work to sell and sign.  There may be some talks too.


Joseph Farley whose numerous writings include his newest novel Labor Day, a tale of a strange new world and its stranger citizens.
Writer Patrick O’Donnell, author of the children’s book ‘Do Dinosaurs Have Dentists?’.
xfairiecon necklace
Writer W. P. Rigler’s books of science fiction, fantasy, and horror include Midnight Writings and Stranger Thoughts.


Written Works of W. P. Rigler

I have been writing for some time.  In school my meager tales managed to catch the attention of some fellow students.  I even remember one retrieving  a story abandoned in a trash can.  Things seldom change, eh?  Perhaps popularity has eluded me but I have produced a number of books available…somewhere.

The collection of W. P. Rigler books is mainly comprised of anthologies.  The first was created when I grew tired of rejection letters stating the story was well written and original.  The letter would then continue with reasons why it just wasn’t right for them.  Now you can judge for yourself.


SUMMONED SECRETS was my first anthology attempt.  Published at the start of 2012, its eighteen stories were born of such genres as suspense, horror, fantasy and science fiction.  My humble selections for best story offerings within include…

Bad for Business – An unscrupulous self proclaimed medicine man roaming the wild west meets an unfortunate fate when he is offered a wagon ride.

A Sin’s as Good as a Change – A police officer on an alien world investigates a murder which leads to an ancient plot.

Hot Times at the Horse Hoof Hotel – A mysterious stranger offers sisters at a run down desert hotel an offer that cannot be refused…at least one of them can’t.

The Whitechapel Wagers – A game of cards has sinister implications.

The Infinite Killer – When a man is disappointed in alternate realities can he kill himself?

Also included were twelve poems, reflecting my interest in the afterlife, fantasy, and just the bizarre in general.

MIDNIGHT WRITINGS from 2015 centered more on horror and suspense.


The stories included…

PROOF POSITIVE – A collector of items with horrific histories learns there might be more to his newest aquisition than meets the eye.

THE CUSTOMER – A bartender is quite fed up with a talkative client.  So much so that death might be the final statement.

BLOOD RITES – A man with a link to the Jack the Ripper murders is transformed into a vampire.  The short story version of my book Terror’s Taste.

For a change, this time I also threw a few articles into the mix.  They dealt with my monstrous mini-adventures in the world of filmmaking (in brief appearances I’ve portrayed both zombie and vampire – I preferred the later as there was no bloody makeup used plus I had a line!) and my time leading ghost tours in Havre de Grace.  Plus I reminisced some about my previous writings.  Seem familiar?

TERROR’S TASTE – Centers on plots to control the world dating back to ancient Atlantis.  One ritual includes the Jack the Ripper murders, and when a man involved with one of the murdered prostitutes is transformed into a vampire, a quest for bloody vengeance is unleashed.  There are more characters and subplots at work then in the short story version contained in Midnight Writings, but at around a hundred pages it is still a fast read.


CERTAIN SHADOWS I HAVE KNOWN – A hit man is dubbed a shadow stalker for his willingness to carry out a gangster’s supernatural contracts as prescribed.  The hit man doesn’t believe in the paranormal, but that changes after the surprising revelations of his last kill.  I am quite proud of the work, but at a hundred and twenty pages it is further proof that in both writing and reading matters I am a literary sprinter and not a literary marathon man.

Stranger Thoughts cover

STRANGER THOUGHTS – My newest work again combines short story and poetic offerings.  Short story offerings include…

Within the Water – A husband can’t get over his wife’s death at sea and experiences odd sightings in his new house’s pool.

Wicked Reign – A small western town is the threshold of a curse and monsters.

Buried Treasure – A pirate’s chest contains more then plunder, horror waits within.

Her Car – A murderer can’t seem to escape the judgement of his killed wife’s car.

Forbidden Visions – A writer’s study of a mysterious book involves a missing woman and a late mystic whose cult supposedly actively lingers on.

Plus Stranger Thoughts contains a section entitled The Ultimate Guide to Dating While Avoiding Supernatural Menaces which combines my true life dating experiences with a humorous history of dating.

Summoned Secrets and Midnight Writings by W. P. Rigler can by ordered via lulu.


Certain Shadows I Have Known by W. P. Rigler and Stranger Thoughts by W. P. Rigler can be ordered via Amazon or from their publisher Rowanvale Books.



Wicked Intent


As it is October here, the nights are getting longer and the ghoulish is most appreciated so I thought I’d share some macabre musings and writings.

While I’m sure everyone can select a favorite frightening author, the two that first leap out at me are H. P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe.  Truly beware should leaping occur in a dark room.

Of the two, I prefer Lovecraft with his supernatural immortals battling to retake the Earth.  There is the spark of great mythology or comic books in his work.  I’ve been asked if I’ve written Lovecraftian tales.  I haven’t directly, but as I look back at my work I see his fingerprints on some stories.  The Body from MIDNIGHT WRITINGS tells of a man’s enigmatic disappearance followed by the destruction of a town.  It’s up to the reader to decide what’s truly happened, including who or what’s responsible.  An Unusual Occurence Within Wilkins Woods reports what happens to a couple returning late at night from a Halloween party.  Did they encounter aliens?  Could aliens be the next replacement for paranormal god-types?

MIDNIGHT WRITINGS also contains tales of suspense and psychological horror.  Those stories would be indebted to Edgar Allan Poe.  I like Poe, but find myself more appreciating his tales then enjoying them.  His writing style, echoing his era of writing, is very dense – I find even much more so then Lovecraft’s which is quite dense.  Poe has been credited with many short story firsts, including concocting the first detective story with Murders in the Rue Morgue.   I’ve been compared to Poe, but think that’s more of a kind reference due to our working in the same genres.  I would in no way compare myself to Poe.  Poe inspired tales could include Reason to Kill, Recipe for Writing and The Customer.  Reason to Kill tells of a murderer with one slight problem – he seems to keep having his actions witnessed.  Recipe for Writing is the story of a writer who finds his work fueled by his own suffering, so he takes matters into his on hand.  The Customer is a character that a bartender has had enough of.

Poe even made an unearthly appearance aiding a henpecked husband in To Praise Poe, found in my book SUMMONED SECRETS.  That book also contains poetry.  The Raven is Poe’s melancholy masterpiece of his many famous poems.

Both books are available at




Ghosts – From Campfire to Silver Screen

Ghosts.  Spirits.  Spectres.  Hallucinations?

The stories of wayward souls haunting the living, or even certain objects, have long been intriguing listeners and storytellers.  Anyplace is suitable to spin a ghost yarn, from ye olde campfire to the modern movie complex.

I’ve long been interested in tales of the paranormal.  I’ve written quite a few horror tales, but never a genuine ghost story.  Maybe I’m just not enough of a believer for spectral inspiration?

I have wandered about some of Maryland’s noted ghost haunts.  Doors have opened on their own before me at Fell’s Point and at the historically preserved Hollingsworth House in Cecil County.  I used to lead ghost tours in Maryland.  While a few patrons of the tours thought they glimpsed occasional oddities in the windows of the Seneca House, the ghosts as a whole were very politely quiet during the tours.  More then I can say for the  occasional human heckler in passing.

For my spooky tales as well as other observations on horror and ghosts, check out http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/wrigler